Emergency Dental Appointments

We understand that toothache can occur when you least expect it. We provide emergency dentist appointments to both our existing patients and new patients.

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    Emergency Dentist at Chiswick Park Dental & Facial

    Welcome to The Chiswick Park Dental

    Paying frequent visits to your dentist is essential to ensure the health of your gums and teeth. Regular check-ups help detect and treat any issues on time. However, if you are experiencing pain, swelling, or bleeding then call us on 020 8987 9977

    All our dental teams are very friendly and will do their best to provide you with dental assistance to put you at ease. We can help with any dental emergency including.

    Dental Pain, Broken Tooth, Sore/Bleeding Gums, Abscess, Lost Crown

    If you have any other emergency dental requirements, please inform our receptionist over the phone.

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    Causes of Toothache

    We also provide solution for:

    The main causes of toothache or dental emergency are:


    Tooth decay


    Broken or loose fillings


    Gum disease




    Wisdom teeth



    Each patient is an individual

    The most common dental treatments required following an emergency appointment are:

    Tooth Filling

    Root Canal Treatment (endodontics)

    Tooth (1)

    Periodontal therapy

    Root Canal

    Fillings or Crowns