We are incredibly proud of the wonderful feedback we have received from our patients, many of whom have been with us since the beginning. Our team love the work they do, and we believe this passion and commitment shows in the results we achieve.

Thank you to those patients who have taken the time to leave us their feedback, we value all your thoughts and it is great to know what we’re getting right and the areas you would like to see improvements, so we can continually offer our patients the very best experience.

I have recently had my two upper front crowns replaced by Dr. Mistry and I could not be happier with the whole process.
The Team at the practice are friendly and helpful and Dr Mistry is extremely professional with my new crowns looking great and exactly how I wanted them to look, natural and perfect.

Thank you



Hi, Unfortunately, I have moved away from the area so it’s not practical for me to come to see you anymore but I would like to use the opportunity to say that I was very happy with the work you did for me and the quality and standard of service you provided.

Thank you

All the best



“Just a belated (sorry!) thanks to you and Dr. Ricardo for the excellent work with Thomas. His teeth are now SOOO much better than they were, and in just a relatively short period of treatment. Both Thomas and I are delighted with the results.

Many thanks again to all at Chiswick Dental Practice.

Thanks and regards

Richard Mosley”


“Dear Friends,

Just had to send a message to say thank you so much for my facial treatment last week. I am delighted with the result – am replacing all the smashed mirrors in the house now that I can bear to look at myself. I had very little bruising – just a couple of small marks around my mouth and one beside my left eye.

You made the whole experience so easy with your friendly manner and jokes. AND I was so impressed that you rang me the next day to see if I was okay.

And – Fabrizio – BOY – he mixes a great cocktail! – I slept on and off for 3 days. Could you come to Heathrow next Wednesday and give me another injection before I board my 12-hour flight?!! Going off to Thailand to find a ‘Toy Boy’!!!

Thank you once again – you will certainly be seeing me when the times comes for a top up”


“Dear Dr Rapisarda, nurses and team,

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for looking after me on Monday, I very much appreciate the care you gave me and for your kindness and reassurance.

Although I look a little like a hamster, I am not in pain. I am living on mashed potatoes and ice cream!

Thank you again for taking care of me”


“Hi Fabrizio,

My gums are healing well thanks very much – I don’t remember anything at all about last Friday afternoon, which is brilliant – and now I’m not nervous at all of coming for my next session at the end of May – it looks really neat so I wanted to thank you for that.

Thanks again and see you in about 3 weeks.

Best wishes,

Jenny McIntosh

ps – Would like the same intravenous sedation please, as that works brilliantly


“Dear Fabrizio, 

I just wanted to thank you very much indeed for your skill, and kindness with me over the last few weeks.

I know the operation was a different one and I am very pleased it seems to be holding.

I am aware of the possibilities regarding that nasty wisdom tooth, but will keep my fingers crossed!

Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,

Alistair Weir ”


“Dear Fabrizio,

Today I saw my friend Chris for the first time since his tooth saga and he was so impressed with you! We were chatting quite a while. Apart from the fact that he said there was a difference like night and day between the NHS dentist he had been to see previously and you (he vowed he would NEVER go back to that NHS dentist), he also said that you were really a nice guy (I knew that already), you were very professional and you were excellent at what you did! He was full of praise for you. And he also figured out that you probably gave up your lunch break in order to fit him in on Monday – which he really appreciated.

And so I just wanted to pass on that glowing feedback to you and also thank you from my side for IMMEDIATELY coming to the rescue of Chris! Your prompt response and fantastic care is very much appreciated. And now I also know where to go just in case I suddenly need a dentist in London.

Thank you so much!!

All the best,


“Dear Dr Rapisarda,

A belated note of thanks to you and your team for your care, skill and patience over recent months. I very much appreciate all you’ve done to help and accommodate me. Your efforts make a real difference

Thank you.

Best wishes,
Brid Jordan”


“Dr Fabrizio Rapisarda, 

This handwritten record is intended to put on paper the highest appreciation for and gratitude to the staff and doctors/dentists currently practising at your institute.

I have lived at the address above for twelve years and have always when in England come to Dr Rapisarda for careful, meticulous treatment of ordinary matters, mostly fillings. Ditto my wife, who shared my favourite view of the practice 100%.

The reason for this notice is however the result of a much more serious occurrence, dealt with as ever with complete assurance and competence.

A year ago during the London riots I was so disturbed by a visit to Clapham Junction that I suffered a stroke while lunching at Westfield White City. I went by ambulance to the Charing Cross Hospital and was discharged after endless tests in five days. After 3 months my wife (she is Chinese) and I went to Singapore, where we have a home, and came back in April. In the meantime I was prescribed a six-month course of a drug names Warfarin to guard against the possibility of dangerous blood clotting.

Just before we returned a filling dislodged itself and came to Dr Rapisarda for treatment. With total – not unwelcome – intelligence and responsibility, Dr Rapisarda said that in this case root canal treatment and the insertion of a crown was the only professional answer.

In the meantime my GP has advised me that since I was on Warfarin I needed to have the remedy done in a hospital. Where in case of any Warfarin induced emergency to do with bleeding, help would instantly be nearby. Dr Rapisarda understood immediately and at once wrote to a nearby hospital, which shall remain nameless, to elicit aid from their dental department.

One month later I got a reply which led to their suggestion that I come for an ‘assessment’ in October. This morning I received a letter from them postponing the assessment until January 2013 – despite the fact that I had already informed them that this was a dental concern which needed immediate attention and that I would like politely to dispense with their delayed assessment.

I would like to draw attention to Dr Rapisarda’s immediate understanding and cooperation in making this approach to the hospital. Superb thoughtfulness and understanding, far more valuable than everyday competence! So – I at once agreed to have private treatment from Dr Rapisarda’s practice. The crown was fitted yesterday, and every minute of the surgery and mould preparation has been quite superlative. NOT fear-making or painful or indeed anything other than thoroughly professional and enjoyable.

The first stage was as usual the root canal performance, and it was finished within forty minutes! I had similar treatment three years ago with the only dentist I can even begin to compare with Dr Rapisarda, a Dr Lim Swee Kee, Professor of Odontology at the Alexandra Hospital in Singapore, a man of outstanding reputation in his field. I nicknamed him Dr Lim Sweet Tooth, and this title remains with him in Singapore to this day!

I was then passed over to Dr Rapisarda. I really do not want anyone who reads this to think that I am indulging in poetic exaggeration. Because all these opinions are hard fact – and Dr Rapisarda’s capability is as colossal as his admirable beside manner. Both characteristics make a theoretically disagreeable experience a pleasure I almost started looking forward to.

As for expense, root canal surgery can never of course be as inexpensive a procedure as buying a bar of Fry’s Turkish Delight. My own understanding is that the practice’s charges are pretty much on a par with other private practices – but the expertise in my view would be far higher at 227, no 28 Southside. And the charges are 2/3 of what they would come to in Singapore!

Also I am certain that the admirable nurses and support staff at the practice would always be willing to discuss terms and arrangements. Their administrative abilities and schedule-settings are simply beyond compare. The infrastructure there is second to none.

I shall not now go into a summary of all I have written here, because it would be over the top and tautologous. I shall simply say that this practice, its professional dentists and its cheerful welcome are absolutely 110%!

Graham Cadwallader

Oh, and I look forward to coming back!”