Our team understands that for many patients, a visit to the dentist can be a worrying time, where they can experience high levels of anxiety. We have extensive experience delivering gentle, caring treatment, which we take the time to discuss clearly with you, answering any questions you may have.

However, it is sometimes the case that patients require a little extra assistance to relax in the dentist’s chair, in order to receive their treatment. Therefore, we offer safe, carefully monitored sedation options, carried out by our extremely skilled team.

Intravenous sedation and oral sedation are safe and reliable methods of controlling dental anxiety and phobia. You will be conscious during your appointment but feel very relaxed.

Many patients do not remember much of their procedure and treatment that may have taken an hour or more will seem to have taken less time. Due to the nature of the sedation you will need to have someone available to take you home after your appointment, and ideally stay with you for the next few hours.

We have worked with many patients who have been so overcome by their fear of the dentist, that they have been left in pain or hiding their smile because they are too anxious to seek treatment. Our approach means these individuals are now able to receive the treatment they want and need, and no longer feel overwhelming worry when they have a dental appointment coming up.

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