Incognito braces are a type of lingual brace, a discreet, subtle way to straighten teeth as they are attached to the back of the teeth, as opposed to the front surface.

Custom-made gold brackets are carefully adhered to the back of the teeth, giving you all the benefits of fixed braces, but their special low profile means they are considered to be one of the most comfortable lingual braces available.

Your experienced dentist will take the time to discuss your individual treatment plan, taking into account your requirements and personal circumstances and answering any questions you may have.

If you both feel that Incognito braces are the most suitable treatment option, your dentist will take a precise impression of your teeth, which is then sent to a dental lab in Germany where a 3D scanning process takes place to create your individual gold lingual brackets (this process takes around 6 weeks).

Once these are ready, you will be invited to return to see your dentist, who will then carefully fit your custom-made Incognito brackets and straightening wires.As with all types of teeth straightening treatment, you may experience a little discomfort at first, as the teeth will be a little tender, however this should only last a couple of days.

Your dentist will discuss the best ways to ensure you keep your Incognito braces and teeth clean, which could include dental hygiene appointments, and ways to minimise irritation to your tongue as you become used to the brace. You may also find your speech is slightly affected at first, but again, you will find this will return to normal quite quickly.

You will be asked to return to see your dentist every few weeks, so they can check on the progress and make any necessary adjustments. Treatment time will vary between patients, but we would expect Incognito lingual braces to straighten teeth within 12- 24 months, leaving you with a perfect smile you will be proud to show to the world.

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