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5 top advantages of dental implants

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Losing a tooth can be stressful, but thanks to recent advances in dental technology you no longer have to put up with uncomfortable dentures or an embarrassing gap. Read on to find out why dental implants are usually the best solution for both patient confidence and long-term oral health.  

1. Dental implants look completely natural

When you have an implant, a custom-made false tooth is attached to the post in your jaw and looks just like a regular tooth. At Chiswick Park Dental & Facial Practice, we will match the exact shape, size, and colour of your existing teeth to ensure that your implant blends perfectly with your smile. The result is an incredibly realistic tooth that looks just like the original – no one will know that you have an implant unless you tell them.

2. Dental implants help to prevent bone loss

One of the side effects of losing a tooth is the degeneration of the jawbone – the bone requires stimulation from chewing and biting to retain its structure and once the tooth root is no longer there to provide it the jawbone begins to deteriorate. This process (known as resorption) gets progressively worse over time and is the reason that people with missing teeth develop a sunken, aged appearance. Fortunately, dental implants prevent bone loss from occurring by imitating the behaviour of a natural tooth root.

3. Dental implants are long-lasting

Unlike removable dentures, dental implants fuse with your jawbone to become a permanent part of your body. With good oral hygiene, a dental implant has the potential to last a lifetime.

4. Dental implants don’t limit what you can eat

One of the most common complaints from people who wear dentures is the inability to eat certain types of foods because the dentures are not strong enough to bite them or don’t stay in place well enough to eat them. You won’t have this problem with an implant – it behaves just like a regular tooth, which means you can eat all your favourite foods without worrying that the implant will slip or fall out.

5. Dental implants enable you to smile with confidence

If you’ve been reluctant to smile or socialise because you’re self-conscious about a missing tooth/teeth or ill-fitting dentures, talk to one of the experienced Specialists and Oral Surgeons who are resident at at Chiswick Park Dental & Facial Practice about dental implants. We’ll be able to quickly assess your suitability and advise you on the next steps toward a permanent solution. Many of our patients who have had dental implants tell us that they are more confident, happier, and socially active following their treatment.

To book your initially complimentary consultation at Chiswick Park Dental & Facial Practice, contact us today by telephone or email us. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice. 

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