Splint Device/Mouth Guard

If you’re suffering from headaches, jaw discomfort or pain when chewing, speak to our team to find out more about splint devices or mouth guards that could give you relief and prevent future problems.

Frequently caused by teeth grinding or clenching the teeth at night, a mouth guard or a split device (also known as a night guard or a bite splint) can provide a highly effective way to address this common problem.

Our custom-made solutions are designed to fit comfortably over the front teeth, or to fit either the upper or lower rows of teeth. The splint or mouth guard is then worn throughout the night, preventing any grinding or clenching, and therefore reducing the painful after-effects.

Often, this treatment alone is enough to solve any discomfort problems a patient is having, however in some cases it may be necessary to also consider orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth, providing a permanent solution to more severe bite problems.

We also offer special devices to protect the mouth called sport guards. These custom-made shields protect the teeth during physical activity or contact sports such as rugby, hockey or football.

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