Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth becomes badly damaged or infected, it may be necessary to consider a root canal treatment.

This is often preferable to removing the tooth as, when carried out properly, the tooth can be filled and still used to full effect, which will also help to support the other teeth in the jaw.

Although antibiotics can offer some relief to the pain and inflammation, it will be necessary for your dentist to fully remove the infection in order to completely heal the unhealthy tooth.

To improve and maximise the success of the treatment we offer microscopic root canal treatment. This approach allows your dentist to accurately find all the canals that are inside the roots, ensuring they are all completely cleared of infection and properly sealed.

Our experienced dentists understand that many patients will be nervous about undergoing a root canal treatment, and so we make every effort to discuss the procedure with you, taking the time to answer any questions you may have. This will also include considering the most suitable pain relief for you, so that you will feel as little discomfort as possible, with safe sedation an option for anxious patients.

Once your dentist has been able to remove the damaged area of the tooth, they will clean and disinfect the cavity, which often extends deep into the canals of the tooth. The tooth is then filled and sealed, preventing any further damage or decay and returning the tooth to its full shape and function.

It was once the case that this could be a painful treatment for some patients, but with today’s advances in dentistry and anaesthesia, many people experience little or no pain during treatment.

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