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Case Studies

Case Studies in Chiswick

Our specialised, experienced team works closely with every patient to understand your individual needs and requirements. We then create a bespoke care package, designed to give you excellent dental health, oral comfort, and the confidence to show off your smile.

Take a look at a collection of our recent treatments, from emergency repairs to restorations and implants as part of a dental support plan. Our thanks to those patients who consented to their procedures and images being used to show others a sample of our work.

Helen – Composite Reconstruction

Helen fell off knocking her upper frontal tooth out when she came to see me. She was not in much pain, but she wanted to fix it as soon as possible.

We discussed different options and one of those was placing a crown on the affected tooth, and as she had a party at the end of the week, she wished for it to be treated as soon as possible.

Together we opted for an immediate restoration in composite. The final result is very successful. With this technique we did not need to touch the gum, so the end result is a healthy looking mouth, as seen in the images.

George – Immediate tooth replacement with Implant

George came to see me because he lost one of his front teeth due to a bad infection on the root. We discussed the different options available, and agreed that an implant was the best solution.

George felt uncomfortable smiling, mainly as his busy job involved meeting a lot of new people. I managed to remove the tooth and place an implant immediately after, as we can see in the pictures.

During the same session I also placed a temporary crown that suited George very well. The picture show the gum slightly inflamed immediately after the extraction.

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Sharon – Implant Case

Sharon came into the practice for a check-up, and we realised that one of her old crowns had become loose. On further examination, I realised that the root was broken, so we had to extract the tooth.

Sharon was quite uncomfortable as this caused a visible gap when smiling. We, therefore, decided to restore it with an implant. The final result is shown in the pictures below. Sharon was very pleased – and her gums are healing very well too!

Lisa – Bridge Case

When Lisa came into the practice for an appointment, she showed me the gap on the upper right side of her mouth. As she was worried about having any kind of surgical treatment for this, we opted for a bridge rather than an implant.

Luckily, this worked out very well. The fitting of the bridge over the gum is quite tight and thanks to this, we do not see the gap between the gum and the tooth, which the images show.

Beth – Tooth Replacement With Implant

When she was young, Beth lost her upper right premolar, which unfortunately caused a large and deep decay.

The implant solution was very suitable for her. When we made the crown it was quite challenging to find the right shade because Beth has some discolourations due to antibiotic therapy during the lost of her upper right premolar.

As a result of working closely with the technician, we were able to find a good compromise that help to blend the crown with the rest of the teeth.

Fiona – Baby Teeth Replacement With Implant

Fiona was 30 when she came to see me at the practice. Both her canine baby teeth where wobbly, which made her very worried! We wanted to replace the teeth without interfering with the other sound teeth.

W extracted the baby teeth and immediately replaced them with implants. The final result is beautiful and Fiona felt reassured and is now able to smile again with confident. Fiona is another great example of successfully replacing missing teeth with an implant.

Andrew – Restoration With Onlay

Andrew was not happy with his discoloured tooth on the lower left molar. He was concerned that the filling became visible every time he opened his mouth.

We decide to replace it with full a porcelain onlay. The images show the brilliant final result, and Andrew was very pleased with the treatment. The gums look untouched!

Nick – Removal of a Cyst on a Wisdom Tooth

Nick came to our practice with pain on the left side of his jaw. After a scan we noticed a large cyst involving the wisdom tooth and the last molar (number 7).

After a long consultation we decided that the best action was to remove the cyst and the teeth. The procedure was successful. The second image shows the controlled site after 3 years. There is no pain and new bone has grown back.


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