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when we speak to our patients, the requirement for straighter teeth is often at the top of their list. However, many people are put off seeking treatment as they are concerned about how braces could affect their appearance socially and at work.

Developments in dental technology mean that modern orthodontics is a far cry from the braces we remember from school. Today’s devices are much more subtle and discreet, with some appliances considered to be ‘invisible’.

Straighter teeth no longer have to be an unachievable dream, patients can now get the smile they have always hoped for without anyone else knowing they are undergoing treatment.

Our extensive range of orthodontics solutions for both our adult and younger patients means that we can deliver exactly the right treatment to suit your requirements and circumstances, creating a straight new smile you can be proud of.

The teeth straightening treatments we offer include traditional fixed braces, which are considerably less obvious than in the past, and lingual braces that still use brackets and wires, but are attached to the back of the teeth.

You may consider Invisalign clear aligners, which offer a removable, personalised system of clear trays that fit over the teeth, gently moving them to the desired position or the Social Six treatment which can correct mild to moderate misalignments in as little as 6 – 16 weeks. Our specialists will take the time to fully assess your mouth and answer your questions before helping you to choose the most suitable orthodontic solution for you or your child.


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