Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics In Chiswick

At Chiswick Park Dental & Facial Practice we now offer a selection of safe, non-surgical cosmetic facial aesthetic treatments that can subtly enhance your features for a more youthful appearance. 

Undergoing treatment at our practice will give you complete peace of mind that your enhancement work will be carried out in a clean and safe environment, by skilled professionals who have extensive experience and an in-depth knowledge of the facial structure.

Stress, sun exposure, diet and ageing can all take their toll on our appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles can develop, and over time the skin on the face begins to lose its natural fat reserves, which can lead to less definition.

We offer a range of gentle facial cosmetic treatments that can help to minimise and even-out lines and boost specific areas of the face for a more youthful complexion.


  • Wrinkle Reduction 1-3 areas £210-£325
  • Derma Filler from £300
  • Derma Roller from £200
  • Wrinkle Removal with PRF (Plasma Rich Fibrin) from £300
  • Wrinkle Removal Dermapen + PRF from £700

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