Oral Surgery

Patients that require more complex treatments that go beyond regular check-ups can have complete confidence that they will receive the very best care, as our specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of oral surgery.

Although it can sound like a frightening term to some patients, oral surgery that is performed at a dental practice can be as simple as having a impacted or diseased tooth removed.

More detailed oral surgery can include the placing of dental implants for long-lasting tooth replacement and even correcting damage or trauma to the teeth, mouth and jaw. Our oral surgeons are highly skilled and expertly trained to carry out all areas of oral surgery safely and gently.

Our team understands that for some patients, just the thought of undergoing some form of oral surgery can be incredibly worrying. Therefore, we always take the time to discuss the procedure with you, including your pain relief and sedation options, and answer any questions you might have.

We take the concerns and worries of our patients incredibly seriously, and will always make your comfort and wellbeing a top priority. With modern advances in oral surgery and anaesthesia, many treatments can now be carried out quickly and easily, with no pain experienced by the patient at all, helping even the most nervous patients to feel less anxious and more relaxed, ultimately leaving the practice with greatly improved oral health.

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