Invisalign worth it for adults

Invisalign for Adults – Am I Too Old for Invisalign?

Crooked and misaligned teeth is a condition that many people across the world face. Whether or not this is a bad thing is a subjective matter and depends entirely on how you perceive it. However, it is a fact that this condition has shown to cause a few problems, one of which is poor oral […]

Multiple tooth implants

Multiple Dental Implants – Safer Than Ever!

Dental implants, also known as tooth implants, are one of the most revolutionary advancements in the field of orthodontics. This tooth replacement remedy for missing teeth has worked wonders for millions of people owing to the countless benefits it offers. It is one of the most highly recommended tooth replacement solutions by orthodontists and dental […]

benefits of dental implants

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are one of the most highly recommended remedies for tooth replacement by dental experts and orthodontists. This is largely due to the countless benefits of dental implants, which allow them to outshine other alternatives. Let’s take a look at the 9 major benefits of dental implants. Who Can Get Dental Implants? Implants are […]

benefits of Invisalign

The Ultimate Guide to Invisalign

There are multiple reasons as to why one would want to straighten their crooked teeth. However, the thought of having large, bulky, and uncomfortable braces holds a lot of people back from seeking orthodontic treatment. If you find this relatable, you’ll be glad to learn that Invisalign treatment can realign your teeth and grant you […]

Am I Too Old for Invisalign

Am I Too Old for Invisalign?

It’s easy to feel insecure about your smile if you didn’t have braces as a teenager or your teeth have displaced over time. Overcrowding, rotation, and gapped teeth are not only unattractive, but they may also be harmful to your oral health. When we think about braces, we usually imagine a knock-kneed child with metal […]


Health Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign helps protect against gum disease The soft tissue of your gums is exposed between your teeth and this soft tissue makes it very easy for bacteria to come and build plaque. Plaque is a cause of gum disease which is shown through red and swollen lines that occasionally bleed. The gum tissue sometimes pulls […]

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Festive Season OPENING HOURS

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuous support and loyalty through these uncertain times and for the trust you have placed with us to keep you safe during your visits and treatments at the practice. We wish you all a very safe and happy festive season, we look […]

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COVID – 19 – Return to Practice – Information for Patients.

  UPDATE ON RE-OPENING Dear Patient, We hope you; your family and friends are fit and well.  We would like to keep you updated following the government announcement on the 28th May 2020, in which they advised that Dental Practices may re-open from the 8th June 2020. We are incredibly pleased and relieved to announce […]

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Practice Closure Notice

Dear Valued Patient, We would like to take this opportunity to hope that you, your family and friends continue to be safe and healthy during this extremely difficult time and unsettling time. Due to the current unprecedented circumstances and the spread of COVID 19 it is with regret that I have had to take the […]

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Practice Closure Notice

Dear Valued Patient, Due to the current unprecedented circumstances it is with regret that I have had to take the unfortunate decision to close the practice until further notice. We will be contacting all patients who currently have appointments booked with us. Please do not attend the practice, even for emergencies, as we cannot currently […]

Bride With The Bunch Of Flowers

Straight teeth in time for your wedding!

Are you in the early stages of planning your wedding and dreading the thought of smiling for photographs? No matter how much time you spend finding the perfect dress, jewellery, and hairstyle, if you’re not confident with your smile on your big day you won’t be feeling your best. Fortunately, there’s a solution for even […]

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COVID-19 Update

Dear Patients Firstly, we want to say we sincerely hope you; your friends and family are healthy during these potentially stressful and uncertain time. The practice will remain open and we will continue to treat our patients as normal unless we receive direct instructions from our governing bodies or central government to close.   Should we […]

Dental Invisible Braces Or Silicone Trainer In The Hands Of A Yo

Invisalign: Straighten your teen’s teeth without the stress

Being a teenager isn’t easy – between numerous academic and family commitments, exam stress, and social pressure to fit in with the crowd, the last thing most teens want is an uncomfortable, highly visible orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, Invisalign offers a discreet, comfortable alternative to traditional braces that was specifically created with young adolescents in mind. […]

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Dental anxiety? We can help with safe sedation

Does the thought of going to the dentist fill you with dread? You’re not alone – nearly half of UK adults have a fear of the dentist, with 12% of these suffering from extreme dental anxiety. If you’ve been putting off necessary treatment because of dental phobia, read on to find out about sedation at […]

Christmas Couple

Sparkling white teeth for the festive season!

The festive party season is upon us and hopefully your calendar is full of fun social events over Christmas and New Year. If you want to look your best throughout the holidays, treat yourself to a confidence-boosting teeth whitening treatment at Chiswick Park Dental & Facial that will ensure your smile sparkles all winter long. […]

Happy Love

It’s never too late to straighten your teeth: Adult orthodontic options at Chiswick Park Dental & Facial

Have you always wanted straighter teeth? If you’ve been putting off orthodontic treatment because you don’t want to go through the embarrassment or inconvenience of getting braces, it’s time to take a second look. Advancements in dental technology mean that treatment is now faster and more discreet than ever before. Why get orthodontic treatment? Do […]

Woman With Massage Lines. Skin Care. Face Lift Anti Aging Treatm

PRF: A natural anti-ageing treatment

An exciting new area in facial aesthetics is the use of blood concentrates such as PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) for fresher, younger-looking skin. Read on to find out how this completely natural anti-ageing treatment works in association with other facial aesthetic treatments at Chiswick Park Dental & Facial. What is PRF? PRF is taken from your […]


Reasons to choose Invisalign

Have you been hiding your smile? Don’t let the thought of lengthy and complex orthodontic treatment put you off getting the beautiful straight smile you’ve always wanted – Invisalign is a fast, gentle, and almost invisible treatment option that has helped more than 7 million patients worldwide. Read on to find out more about Invisalign […]

Dr Marina Daoud

A beginner’s guide to facial aesthetics

Do you look in the mirror and wish you could turn back time? Many people are doing the next best thing by undergoing subtle cosmetic treatments to achieve a more youthful looking complexion. Read on to find out more about how facial aesthetic treatment at Chiswick Park Dental & Facial Practice can transform your appearance […]


Overdentures vs conventional dentures: What’s the difference?

Losing some or all of your teeth can drastically impact your quality of life. If you’re struggling with uncomfortable dentures or finding that you’re unable to eat some of your favourite foods, read on to find out whether overdentures may be the best solution for you. What are overdentures? Overdentures are replacement teeth that are […]

5 top advantages of dental implants

Losing a tooth can be stressful, but thanks to recent advances in dental technology you no longer have to put up with uncomfortable dentures or an embarrassing gap. Read on to find out why dental implants are usually the best solution for both patient confidence and long-term oral health.   1. Dental implants look completely natural […]

Get a dazzling smile for Christmas – special offer!

What is at the top of your Christmas Wish List? If all you want for Christmas is a beautiful smile, our Teeth Whitening offer is for you! For a limited time, we're offering £100 off the cost of our standard whitening treatment, so you can have the confidence to show the world your smile for [...]

Welcome to our new website!

We work hard to build strong relationships with our patients. We want everyone who comes into the practice to feel completely confident that they are receiving the best possible treatment from a team they know and trust. We believe that honest and transparent communication is an essential part of your experience as a dental patient. [...]