Damon Braces

Damon Braces In Chiswick

Patients of all ages often ask our team what can be done to improve their smile, bite and tooth alignment.

The Damon brace is a more subtle, quicker option that is similar to the traditional fixed braces that many people are familiar with.

Damon braces differ from traditional fixed braces in a number of ways. Aesthetically, they use clear brackets as opposed to metal, so although the metal wires are still visible, many patients feel the near-invisible quality of the clear brackets help the brace to be much more subtle.

Also, instead of having brackets that tighten for regular adjustment, the Damon braces use a slide mechanism to connect the wire to the bracket, allowing them to move more naturally as the teeth align. This makes them more comfortable for the patient, and they are able to deliver faster results

Your dentist will take the time to discuss your treatment options if you are considering teeth straightening. If you both decide that Damon braces are the most suitable option for the result you require, impressions will be taken of your teeth so the braces can be custom-made for you.

When they are ready you will return to see your dentist for fitting, where they will also help you to understand the most effective ways to look after and clean your new braces and teeth. You will need to return for check-ups and adjustments, and although treatment times vary between patients, the sliding mechanism means we would expect results between six months and one year.


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