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Dentures In Chiswick

For many people, losing a tooth can be an upsetting experience, as they will understandably have concerns about their appearance and ability to eat.

However, there is a range of treatment options available that patients can discuss with their dentist when it comes to replacing their missing tooth or teeth, one of which is a denture.

A denture, or dentures depending on the number of missing teeth to be replaced, is a removable plate with one or more false teeth attached to it. Although many of us will be familiar with older relatives who experience ill-fitting or unnatural-looking dentures, our modern techniques and materials mean this is no longer the reality for patients today.

Using the latest practices, we can offer customised dentures that look and perform incredibly well, eliminating the problems of discomfort and long-term damage so often associated with poorly-fitting dentures.

Our team will work closely with you to discuss the most suitable replacement options, including the right materials for your denture based on your requirements and circumstances. We would recommend patients who already have a denture that they are not completely happy with, to speak to their dentist to find out more about replacing their existing appliance, taking advantage of the latest technologies and materials, which could include considering supporting your denture with dental implants.
If you’re considering a denture for the first time, our experienced team will happily take the time to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have, so you can begin feeling confident in your mouth and smile once more.


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dentist in chiswick