Porcelain Onlay

Porcelain Onlay In Chiswick

Where possible, we will always try to conserve as much of the tooth structure and original tissue as possible when treatment for damage or decay is required.

As part of our minimally invasive approach, a porcelain onlay can offer an excellent alternative to a filling, especially where additional support is required.

Although we always promote prevention techniques to our patients, even the most diligent amongst us can experience pain or decay to our teeth. In these instances, there are several treatments available, depending on your requirements and circumstances, one of the most discreet and hard-wearing of these is a porcelain onlay.

Initially, your dentist will take the time to discuss the different options with you, and answer any questions you may have. Porcelain onlays are considered a great alternative to fillings on the larger back teeth, as they are applied to the raised areas, or cusps of the tooth, which takes the majority of the impact when chewing.

A porcelain onlay is often the most suitable option as it is an incredibly strong and discreet repair option, which can be used to build a cracked or damaged tooth back up for a strong bite, and the porcelain itself is almost undetectable against the rest of the teeth.

If you decide to opt for a porcelain onlay treatment, your dentist will repair your tooth in the same way that they would for a filling, by thoroughly cleaning the affected area and removing any decayed material. An impression of the tooth is then taken using a dental putty and a temporary filling is applied to protect the tooth while your custom onlay is being made by the dental technician.

As the porcelain onlay is exactly made to fit the raised cusp areas of the tooth, it is not necessary to remove extra tooth material to ensure a good fit, as it would be for a crown, again helping to preserve and maintain as much of the healthy tissue as possible. When you return for the onlay to be fitted, the temporary fitting is removed and the tooth is checked for any further damage or decay. The onlay is then safely and securely adhered to the tooth, creating a strong and discreet solution that will look, feel and function as normal.


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