Dentures Supported By Implants

Dentures With Implants In Chiswick

Many people are familiar with dentures; a removable plate with one or more false teeth attached to it but worry that this may be uncomfortable or ill fitting.

Having a denture doesn’t mean you have to experience discomfort and miss out on your favourite foods, as there are ways to ensure a great fit and ongoing comfort, on of which is securing the denture with implants.

about their appearance and ability to eat. However, there is a range of treatment options available that patients can discuss with their dentist when it comes to replacing their missing tooth or teeth.

Not only do we offer the chance to get dentures made out of the highest quality materials, which will improve the feel and look, but we can also help your dentures feel comfortable and secure by using implants to support the fit.

Dental implants are carefully placed titanium posts that are inserted into the jaw to act as an artificial root. The denture can then attach to the implant, or be removed for cleaning, creating a strong, comfortable connection that will help you eat and smile with confidence.

Our experienced dentists will take the time to fully assess your teeth and mouth, to understand whether implant supported dentures are the right solution for you. They will fully explain the process and answer any questions you may have, including considering whether you may need to undergo a bone graft to create a suitable base for the implant.

If your dentist feels you are suitable for this treatment, and you decide to go ahead, we will make every effort to ensure your personalised treatment plan is carried out smoothly and with minimal discomfort to you, with anaesthetic or even gentle sedation available for nervous patients.

When the implant has healed, you will be able to enjoy your securely fitted denture and have the confidence to smile, talk and enjoy your favourite foods once more.


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